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Trish and Neil first encountered alpacas in Picton when, purely by chance, we visited a farm there. These enchanting animals immediately appealed as a possibility on our lifestyle block on the outskirts of New Plymouth.

Firstly, we needed to find out more about these animals. We became members of the Alpaca Association New Zealand. 
We visited some alpaca stud farms and attended the AANZ Conference in Rotorua, learning everything we could before taking the plunge.

Then in November 2004 our first two pregnant alpacas were delivered to our farm. Sophia and Candy each gave birth to female crias, Charlotte and Claudia: our breeding programme was away to a flying start!

Since then we have regularly purchased further foundation breeding stock and with contributions from our own progeny, our herd number now stands at 42.

We both have full-time jobs off the farm in the same medical practice. It is a complete and refreshing contrast to our week-day work, looking after our alpacas when we get home.

Alpacas are a joy to work with, each with their individual personality; they are intelligent and inquisitive and of course their eyes endear them to everyone that sees them!

The aim of our breeding programme is to produce alpacas with fine micron, high density, fast growing, quality fleece. To assist us in this aim, using a scientific strategy of breeding, we have joined SRS Alpacas International. Our ventures into the show ring last season gave us two Junior Female Championships so it seems we are heading in the right direction.

Sale of our alpacas we hope will be the beginning of an association with our clients which will be lasting, allowing us to provide comprehensive support and advice to assist new owners getting established and comfortable with their new alpacas and allowing us to share in the pleasure of owning these captivating animals.


28 July 2009 - Success for alpacasRstyle at the Central Region Winter Show 2009

in Porirua in June was unexpectedly rich!  We brought home  not one but two champion ribbons!
Stylist Dodi won Champion Junior Male followed the next day by Stylist Dahria winning Champion Intermediate Female.Junior Champion Dodi
Waiheke Romeo, newly arrived on our farm, performed admirably in his class, awarded 2nd place in the "Adult Male Class"   We will watch his maturation with interest because he begins work in the spring and we are hoping he will bring density and style into the fleeces of his progeny.
Stylist Dorilei was awarded a second place in the Junior Medium Fawn female class
Stylist Delphina was awarded a 5th place in a large  Intermediate White female class.
Trish's first venture into Fleece Competitions was rewarded with a first place for Stylist Delilah's first brown fleece and a second placing for Stylist Diana's  white (well - nearly so) fleece.  Preparation of these fleeces involved hours and hours of  laboriously removing vegetable matter without destroying the structure of the fleece - a mission indeed with the dock and pine needles in plentiful  supply in our paddocks. Success in the competition brought satisfaction of a job adequately done. Selection of the cleanest fleece to work with next time will be the key!
Our plans are to enter a team in the Super Six fleece competition beginning at the National Show.  So watch the fortune of the Style Setters !

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22 September 2009 - Back from holiday!

We have returned from a winter escape overseas visiting Patrick and Annette in Hong Kong (hot and steamy), travelling with Jenny around Beijing (crowded and overcast) and sailing and pedalling around the coast of Greece (clear and sunny until heavy rain for the last couple of days).

The alpacas were pleased to see us home (really!) having been well looked after by Nic in our absence.  We have just a week to prepare the Show Team for the National Expo in Fielding.   The fleeces of the juniors pick up vegetable matter like velcro and it takes hours to pick out the biggest twigs and seed heads.  What a blessing the judges expect the animals to be shown in "paddock condition" : ours certainly will be

And so the show season 2009 begins.  We have high hopes but modest expectation.   Let the judges decide: we intend to enjoy the occasions.

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27 October 2009 - More Show Success

at the National Alpaca Expo!  Stylist Dahria "covered herself in glory":  she was first shorn in December 2008 and this fleece won first in class and Champion Junior Female Huacaya Fleece:  in the show ring she was placed second in Intermediate White/Light Fawn Class and was then called forward in the championship lineup and awarded Reserve Champion Intermediate Female.

This confirms Dahria as our most consistent performer in the show ring.  It is with eagar anticipation we await her first cria, due in February, after the spring shows are over.

The spring weather has been wet!  to add to the unpleasantly cold winter. Daily feeding out hay to cows, horses and alpacas has been a necessary routine, awaiting some warming sun and spring growth.

Our very small herd has produced two female calves one a white galloway (with black tips to ears, nose and feet!) and one belted galloway.   The remaining empty cows and three yearling steers have been sent to the sale yards leaving just six cattle to cross graze after the alpacas.

We are next preparing for our first trip over to Hawkes Bay A&P show.

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27 October 2009 - Dahria does it again!

At Hawkes Bay A&P Show Stylist Dahria won 1st in Intermediate Female White/Light fawn Class and her Junior Fleece was awarded Champion Huacaya Fleece.  Close behind, the junior fleece from Stylist Demi was awarded Reserve Champion Huacaya Fleece.  A very successful trip to the sunny Hawkes Bay for alpacasRstyle.

 On a sad note the time had come to farewell Trampus. the chestnut pony, a respected member of the family, having served four children at Pony Club in years gone by.  Now aged at least 45, it was miraculous that he  survived another cold winter.   Muscle wasting and stiff joints meant that getting up from the ground was a mission in itself.  Sadly gone but not forgotten.

Five female alpacas have taken the long trip south to Te Anau and have arrived safely (photo to prove it!).  There they will be shorn and mated and will return next year, completely transformed.

 Five expectant mothers have been given their injections and transferred to the lush birthing paddock for supplemental feeding in the last six weeks of pregnancy to boost the secondary follicle growth of the cria.  Then there will be shearing and haymaking and before we know it Christmas will be upon us. But before that we have the Waikato Show and the Manawatu Show.


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26 February 2010 - So busy, newsletter updates have been neglected.

Results at Waikato World '09 show confirmed Stylist Dahria to be outstanding, taking 1st Intermediate Female Class.   Waiheke Romeo caught the judges eye and was placed 2nd in Senior Male Class.   Stylist Dodi (a  Brutus progeny with fine fleece, mean fibre diamter 17 micron on first shear) was also called forward and placed third in Junior Male Class.

Then it was to Manawatu Show judged by Richard Watson. Again conspicuous results for Stylist Dahria taking out Champion Intermediate Female and 1st in Junior Fleece.  Stylist Dodi  kept up appearances placed 1st in Class and Reserve Champion Junior Male.

The 2009 season was the best yet for alpacasRstyle serving as incentive to repeat again next year,showing a new crop of juniors and assessing the progress of Dahria, Dodi and Romeo as they mature.

The weather in November was not kind to weekend shearers. Although desperate to relieve the alpacas increasingly hot and heavy fleece, 2 days continuously dry weather never coincided with  weekends : the job was not completed until 2 days before christmas.  Taylor was 'broken in'  as head-holder in the hope that he will be around to help again next time.   With fleeces weighed and in bags the job is only half done:  skirting. sorting and cleaning  is a seemingly never-ending task requiring the patience of a woman like Trish, and lots of free time, all too rare with all the enterprises she takes on.

Weather in December and January was not much better.  The hay paddock was shut up for 5 months until finally cut and baled in February.  No suprise that the weather threatened to rain as we frantically filled the hayshed with still wet and heavy bales, too heavy for some of the helpers to  lift on their own.  A sweet fragrance of fermentation wafted from the hay shed for several days as the hay cooled down.  It will be half a year  before we know how good this harvest was.

And now attention turns to new cria.......




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13 May 2010 - Birthing

is  a time of great hopes and anticipation, excitement, elation and sometimes disappointment.   This year was no exception.  Only one birth required some assistance.  One mother was short on milk so Franklin D has been enjoying supplement Anlamb bottle feeds, and putting on 150gms per day.  Other cria have been growing at a rate of 300 gms per day.

EquinoxIt is  truely gratifying to watch the cria of all different ages and sizes racing around and around the paddock in the evening light, playing some game of catch-me-if-you-can.    You can almost hear the older ones saying "silly silly - they will grow out of it"   


The season resulted in 14 cria - 8 boys and 6 girls from three sires - Rialto, Mercury and Rameses.  Mostly the cria are white with just one brown and one cute multi.
Amongst them are some stunning fleeces which we will watch develop with great interest.

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12 November 2010 - National Alpaca Expo

Fleeces entered in the National Expo 2010 in Christchurch have proved out-standingly successful.  Stylist Dodi Intermediate fleece was judged "Most Commercial Huacaya Fleece - White" as well as Reserve Champion Male Huacaya.

Stylist Dahria was "Reserve Champion Intermediate Female Huacaya".

Considering this was the largest line-up of fleeces at any show in NZ ever and was using grid sampling to verify fibre diameter and consistency, the results for the alpacasRstyle herd were very pleasing indeed!

We travelled to Christchurch without any animals to show and watched the breed judging from the side lines.  It was a surprisingly enjoyable weekend, without any aftershocks.

But the real action of the show ring for us is yet to come

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3 October 2011 - National Alpaca Expo at Mt Maunganui

alpacasRstyle attended the National Expo in Mt Maunganui  There were a record number of breed entries numbering 469 and 180 fleece entries.

Stylist Gina Lollibrigida had very good results  when she got a very close 2nd in her Junior Female Brown class of 11 competitors. It was only on a very small conformation difference that the 1st place was awarded to her competitor.      Stylist Giselle was awarded 5th place in a  large class.  Stylist Giovanni got a 4th place and Stylist Fergusson a 6th competing in the same Junior male  mid/dark fawn class and Stylist Grimaldi also was awarded 4th in his class.

Hawkes Bay Show comes up next so we will make another trip to that show.



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22 October 2011 - Hawkes Bay A&P Show

Hawkes Bay put on splendid weather for the alpaca show at the A&P showgrounds.

Stylist Gina Lollobrigida won her Junior Female class and was then judged Champion Brown Huacaya at this Colour Championship Show.  The Judge, Molly Gardner, commented on her fineness, density, lustre and length of the staple as well as her well grown conformation.  

Gina is the progeny of Stylist Delilah who spent 5 months at Honeyfield Alpacas in Te Anau.  She proved choosey until presented with Honeyfield Sutherland - her choice is clearly justified.

Stylist Geronimo picked up the Red Ribbon in Brown Junior Male class but was no competition for his illustrious herd mate Gina in the Championship.   His fleece shows  pencils of fine lustrous fleece.  He is the progeny of Stylist Charlotte and Waiheke Smokin Joe.

We were hosted by Peter and Sarah and we enjoyed our Labour Weekend trip despite the fact that the Wallabies beat the Welsh in the Bronze Medal Final.

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1 November 2011 - Waikato Royal A&P Show

Stylist Gina Lollobrigida continued her winning form achieving the pinnacle of Best Coloured Huacaya  at Waikato World's Royal A&P show 2011. Having  won a red ribbon in the Junior Female Brown class she was then chosen Best Brown Huacaya Alpaca and going on to be awarded The Shield.  

Stylist Giselle  won 1st in her class despite the soaking wet fleece as result of persistent Taranaki  deluge last week.  Stylist Geronimo also won 1st in his class.

Stylist Dahria and Stylist Diana continued winning  awards in the Fleece competitions with a 1st and 2nd respectively.

We once again we appreciated Joy's hospitality and a chance to catch up with family gossip.


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7 November 2011 - Manawatu A&P show

Supreme Huacaya Fleece was awarded to Stylist Diana in the fleece competition. She won the Champion Female Huacaya Fleece and Stylist Dahria  came second and took the Reserve Champion award.

Stylist Gina Lollobrigida was this week surpassed by Stylist Gabriella who was competing in her first event, winning Junior Female Brown.   Stylist Geronimo repeated his success, winning Junior Male Brown class again,with Stylist Grimaldi second. The Judge, Kate Mander, made special mention and congratulated the breeders on the quality shown in the brown championship line-up at this show. 

Stylist Giovanni was back on top this week when he won Junior Male in the  fawn class  (we managed to get his fleece dried in the wind this week) and Stylist Fergusson was second in the same class.

This was our fourth and final show for the  season.   It is always a pleasure to catch up with fellow breeders we have come to know well over the last 5 years.  Although our attention now turns to shearing, birthing and remating we will look forward to meeting up with the show people again next year.


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3 May 2012 - Open Farm Day 6.5.12

alpacasRstyle is opening for the National Alpaca Day from 10am-4pm.     We will have a range of alpacas for sale.  They will be available for hands-on inspection and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.  

The onfarm shop will be open with a wide variety of produce from raw fleece through carded fleece and spun yarn to ready made garments.     We have ladies from Creative Fibre who are going to demonstrate the processing ie spinning and felting.

Alpacas to touch and lead.  Bring a picnic there will be tea and coffee available 


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6 May 2012 - Successful Day

National Alpaca Day was very successful here at alpacasRstyle.  We had a busy day from 10am to 4pm continuously.   Many young children and some not so young children had a great time leading alpacas and feeding, patting and cuddling them.   Many visitors found out more about alpacas and their enchanting ways. Also about the wonderful alpaca product made from their wonderful fleece.  I think all our visitors had a great day and enjoyed themselves (as did we) immensely.   

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17 July 2012 - Silverstream Jonah

We are excited to announce the addition of Silverstream Jonah to our machos available for Stud Services.

He brings  rarely accessible genetics to New Zealand and to our herd.  Snowmass Alpacas genetics are sought after around the world. We look forward to getting him working this summer.

We are proud to own him in partnership with Sarah and Peter Busby from Gilt Edge Alpacas in Hawkes Bay, where is he is working already.

Jonah will be resident in  Taranaki January, February and March and at other times by arrangement

For more details about Jonah go to 'Our Animals' or 'Stud Services' on this web page

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5 August 2012 - alpacasRstyle sponsors at Creative Fibre Exhibition

I was very happy to attend the opening of the Creative Fibre's Bi-ennial Exhibition 

fireworks 2012 in Stratford today.  alpacasRstyle sponsored the Alpaca Award and I went to present the prize.  The quality of all the entries in the competition was so amazing and definitely worth a visit.  It is being held in the Percy Thomson Gallery in Stratford and is on for the next 3 weeks.    

The first prize in the Alpaca Competition was won by David Robinson with "In the Shadow of Klimpt" a felted floormat made in 100% undyed alpaca.   Runnerup was a wall hanging made with silk and alpaca by Johannah Haaijema.    Congratulations to you both they were both amazing pieces. 

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11 September 2012 - Stud Services Catalogue now available

A new stud services catalogue has this week been posted to selected breeders.  The catalogue has been produced in partnership with Gilt Edge Alpacas from Hawkes Bay. In it you will find our combined elite stud males available for stud duties at either farm in Taranaki and Hawkes Bay.  Phone us to find when they will be near you.

If you would like a catalogue but have not received one please contact us. 





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24 September 2012 - National Alpaca Show 2012


Champion Male - Nat Expo

Sensational news from the National Alpaca Show 2012. Sir Edmund Hillary was awarded Champion Junior Male Huacaya by Jude Anderson, the judge from USA.  In her words his fleece is "bright, white and lustrous, fine fleece with even coverage right down his belly. In a class of 14 all 3 males from alpacasRstyle were called forward in the first cut of 8. Stylist Hercules was selected in 2nd place in a strong showing in Canterbury, the heart of alpaca showing.

Intermediate Male Stylist Grimaldi was awarded 3rd place because of his surprisingly low micron fleece. Intermediate Female Stylist Giselle was given a 5th place ribbon rarely given at this show reflecting the very close competition in this class.

All in all a very satisfying 5 day road trip to the National Show 2012.

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2 November 2012 - Waikato Royal A&P Show 27th & 28th October

Stylist Sir Edmund Hillary excelled, this time being awarded Supreme Huacaya Alpaca at the Waikato Royal.  Judged by Kate Mander she was impressed with him and commented that his fleece has it all - lustre, fineness and density with overall coverage.  His fleece forms many small pencil-like staples.  His sire is our Tennyson Park Azkaban

 Stylist Diana, dam of Sir Edmund Hillary, was awarded Supreme Huacaya Fleece.

Other alpacasRstyle animals in Show attained:

Breed Section 

Stylist Giselle  :   3rd Intermediate Female Class White

Stylist Hermione :  5th Junior Female Class White

Stylist Humperdink : 1st Junior Male White

Stylist Hercules  : 2nd Junior Male White

Stylist Grimaldi : 2nd Intermediate Male Brown 

Stylist Sir Edmund Hillary and Stylist Humperdink : 1st Sires Progeny
(sire Tennyson Park Azkaban) 

Fleece Section 

Stylist Diana  :  1st Mature Female White
                         Champion White Fleece
                         Supreme Huacaya  Fleece

Stylist Eugenie  :   1st Intermediate Female White
                             Champion Intermediate Fleece

Stylist Gina Lollobrigida :  1st Junior Female Brown
                                        Champion Junior Fleece
                                        Champion Brown Fleece 

Stylist Grimaldi   :   2nd Junior Male Brown 

Stylist Giselle   :   1st Junior Female White  

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4 November 2012 - Supreme at Manawatu

Silverstream Jonah, owned jointly by alpacasRstyle and Gilt Edge Alpacas was awarded Supreme Huacaya today at the Manawatu Show.










Other awards for alpacasRstyle were: 


Styist Giselle - 1st Intermediate female - white

Stylist Grimaldi - 2nd Intermediate male - brown

Stylist Prince Harry - 1st Junior male - med fawn

Stylist Humperdink - 3rd Junior male - white

Stylist Sir Edmund Hillary - 4th Junior male - white


Stylist Eugenie - 1st 12 and under 24 months - white
                         Champion Fleece 12 and under 24 months - white

Stylist Giselle -  3rd 6 and under 12 months - white 

Stylist Diana -  2nd 36 and under 48 months - white
                        Reserve Champion Fleece 36 and under 48 months white

Stylist Gina Lollibrigida  -  1st 6 and under 12 months - brown
                                        Reserve Champion 6 and under 12 months brown

Stylist Grimaldi  -  2nd 12 and under 24 months - brown
                             Reserve Champion 12 and under 24 months brown




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16 November 2012 - Welcome to Futura Humdinger

Futura Humdinger
We are thrilled to have recently purchased Futura Humdinger at the AAA National Auction. Humdinger is a multi Supreme Champion, Western Australia's Alpaca of the Year and twice National Best Medium/Dark Fawn Huacaya alpaca. Sarah was lucky 
to have seen Humdinger last year at the AAA National Show and from that moment onwards, we wanted to add him to our herds. A grandson of Somerset Accoyo Challenger and great grandson of Windsong Valley Iceman and Jolimont Warrior, Humdinger has plenty of quality in his forebears. Density, fineness, lustre, uniformity of style and softness of handle are some of his wonderful fleece attributes. Humdinger has a good number of females scanned pregnant in WA and will be put to work when he arrives in NZ in February. Humdinger is co-owned by Sarah and Peter Busby of Gilt Edge Alpacas in Hawkes Bay. See more information about Humdinger under 'Our Animals'  on this web page

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6 May 2013 - National Alpaca Day

Despite wet weather with intermittent heavy downpours we still had a steady stream of visitors to alpacasRstyle on National Alpaca Day.    There were many interested people of all ages enjoying feeding, leading and just getting up close and personal with our pacas.

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7 May 2013 - Alpacas for sale

Lots of new alpacas added to the Alpacas for Sale pages.  Take a look


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6 September 2013 - National Expo and World Alpaca Conference

We are looking forward to the National Expo and World Alpaca Conference being held at Claudelands Conference and Exhibition Centre in Hamilton from 20-24th September 2013.  There has been record entries both breed and fleece at the Expo.  alpacasRstyle are proud to be a Silver Sponsor for the National Expo.    It is promising to be an exciting show and a conference offering a lot of interesting speakers telling us more about these wonderful animals.



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26 January 2014 - Welcoming Katarina Lollobrigida.

We have been waiting with anticipation for this birth.  The first NZ cria on the ground for Futura Humdinger, jointly owned  by alpacasRstyle and Gilt Edge Alpacas he arrived in the NZ in February 2013.


Even at this early stage Katarina looks as if she is going to follow in the footsteps of her dam and sire who both carry spectacular fibre stats and show credits.      We will be watching her closely as she grows

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26 February 2014 - Largest cria for alpacasRstyle

alpacasRstyle Kaimanawa was born weighing 10.3 kgs after 356 days gestation.  His dam Stylist Dresden has an average gestation time over the previous pregnancies of 318 days.  Kaimanawa has a beautiful fleece.   Very dense, tight bumpy curls even under his tummy.  He is sired by Futura Humdinger owned jointly with alpacasRstyle and Gilt Edge Alpacas in Hawkes Bay.Kaimanawa - still wet

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8 July 2014 - Guests at Alpaca Farm Retreat

Recent guests at Alpaca Farm Retreat (http://www.bookabach.co.nz/baches-and-holiday-homes/search/keywords/alpaca%20farm%20retreat)  had great fun spending time with the alpacas.Feeding the alpacas

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21 October 2014 - AANZ National Show 2014

We had an exciting trip to the National Show is Christchurch taking 9 alpacas with us and we  entered a number of fleeces in the fleece show as well.

Sir Edmund Hillary did us proud and got a first placing in his agegroup in the breed show.   He also won a first place and Champion Intermediate Male, and Reserve Champion White in the fleece competition.








Our Humdinger progeny - the first ones on the ground in NZ also did very well.

Katarina won first in her class and then Champion Junior Female,   Kowhai got a second in her class and Kalahari got a second in his class.   Kimmy K was awarded 4th in her class.   These classes were large with 18-20 in each class.

Karibasun, Katarina and Kathmandu won a first in the Sires Progeny class winning Humdinger a Champion Sires Progeny ribbon.     So the first outing for Humdinger cria was very rewarding and satisfying. 

 Humdingers fleece was also in the competition and got a second placing in his class. 

See our show results for a detailed summary of our time at the National Show.   Now it is Hawkes Bay, Waikato and Manawatu and then Egmont Show at Hawera




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26 October 2014 - Hawkes Bay Show

Humdinger cria - a combination of Gilt Edge and alpacasRstyle animalsHumdinger progeny
Hawkes Bay Show was again a show of many ribbons for Futura Humdinger cria.
Katarina repeated her success by winning first place and then Champion mid/dk fawn in this Colour Championship show.   Kimmy K was first in the brown class.
Kalahari and Kowhai second, Kathmandu third and Karibasun 4th in their respective light and mid fawn colour classes.
Futura Humdinger (owned in partnership by alpacasRstyle and  Gilt Edge Alpacas) cria were placed first, second and third with a combination of Humdinger cria from both farms.
In the adult white male class alpacasRstyle too first, second and third placings with Sir Edmund Hillary, Hercules and Halcyon and 4th place with Jonah owned by both Gilt Edge and alpacasRstyle.

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7 November 2014 - Waikato Show - 1/2 November 2014

Stylist Sir Edmund Hillary was awarded Supreme Huacaya Fleece at the Waikato Show.   He also won Colour Champion White and Champion 12 and under 24mths

In the breed class Hillary won 1st in his class and then went on to be awarded Champion Senior Male.   Hercules in the same class came 2nd and then went on to win Reserve Champion Senior male.    A very good omen for breeding at alpacasRstyle

Supreme Huacaya








Katarina continued her roll and was awarded 1st in her class and then Champion Junior Female and Colour Champion mid/dk Fawn.   In her young life she has been competed in 3 shows and been awarded 1st place 3 times and Championships 4 times.   A fantatic record.

Champion Junior Female







All other Humdinger cria entered won ribbons too in their individual classes.  See Show Results for indepth results 

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10 August 2015 - alpacasRstyle Katarina

alpacasRstyle Katarina has gone to live in Germany.  Congratulations Daniel and Cornelia Kerscher on your purchase.  We are sure you will enjoy Katarina and she will be a valuable addition to your breeding herd.

Katarina - British Futurity 2015

While Katarina was still in quarantine in NZ her last years fleece was already in Germany.   This was entered in the renowned  show The British Futurity 2015. Katarina's fleece was made Champion Fawn Fleece British Futurity 2015

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11 August 2015 - alpacasRstyle Light of the Moon

alpacasRstyle Light of the Moon has been weaned ready for her shift to Auckland.   She has been bought by Waters Edge Alpacas who specialise in breeding high quality grey alpacas.                             

Light of the Moon

Moonlight as we call her) is the progeny of Stylist Jago's Treasure and Hidden Lake Moonshadow.     Treasure developed into a roan during the first show season.  Due to this she was mated  to Hidden Lake Moonshadow (now exported).   The outcome of this was a perfect grey cria  

She is a truely lovely wee girl.    A very indepenant cria - always off doing "her thing" inquisitive and interested in the goings on on the farm.

She will be a wonderful addition to Waters Edge herd    

Stylist Jago's Treasure is a high quality female - the progeny of Stylist Gina Lollobrigida and Benleigh Sancho both top quality animals.    Treasure carries an extremely soft to the touch fleece carrying  individual pencils of medium amplitude characture.   She has certainly proven she can produce wonderful greys mated to the correct stud 

Treasure and Moonlight



Moonlight fleece









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